Roofing Basics: Are You Loosing Money Through Your Roof

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Here Are Some of Our Most Popular Topics:


  • Slate Shingles: What are the advantages of slate shingles over more standard shingle materials? What are the disadvantages? How will the final product look when it’s completed? Our articles thoroughly cover every aspect of the subject of slate shingles, including their cost, how they compare to other roofing materials for longevity, and where they tend to be popular. We also touch on why people opt for slate shingles over other forms of roofing material.

  • Metal Roofing: Why metal roofing? Are there maintenance concerns which don’t apply when using other roofing materials? Are metal roofing materials better suited to certain environments or building functions? With current technological advancements and the development of ever more refined materials, metal roofing materials are quickly gaining in popularity. They offer a distinct set of advantages over other forms of roofing materials, including durability. Find out where to obtain them, how much they’ll cost, and what specific materials are available for use in metal roofing.

  • Solar Roofing: What is the initial cost to set up solar roofing? How much money will it save me on my monthly electric bill? Is solar roofing a worthwhile investment? Given the current rate of technological advancement, will I have to replace my solar roofing in a year or two, or can I upgrade it for less than the cost of installing a completely new roof? Even many professional roofing contractors aren’t entirely up to speed with the latest advancements in solar roofing. Uptown Shelter offers posts which explain the ins and outs of this trendsetting new development in home energy savings.


Other Subjects Covered Include…


  • Roofing Basics: Maybe you’re putting a roof on a new shed in your back yard, and you want to make sure that it’s not only functional, but also stylish and attractive. Find out which materials to use to best suit the existing aesthetics of your property, house, or neighborhood, and learn about the advantages and disadvantages that each type of material has to offer. Learn about the costs of roofing: the cost of different materials, as well as the fees typically charged by contractors for labor. Learn how to spot basic discrepancies, which will help you in pinpointing contractors who might not be as reliable as they would at first appear.
  • Finding a Contractor: Alright, so you’ve got a job that needs doing, and it’s too big for you, not to mention a little too important to trust to someone (even yourself) without any roofing experience. Having identified the problem, what’s the solution? How do you find a reliable and experienced contractor, someone that you know you can trust to give you honest feedback and to perform reliable work that will hold up to years of abuse from the elements? Make sure you know what you need done, and what you’re looking for, and then read up on our posts about how to spot a potential con artist… as well as what to do about them, when you find them.
  • Clay Roof Tiles: This subject isn’t as popular in general as slate, metal, or solar roofing, but the ages-old (if recently much-improved) clay roofing tile is a particular favorite in certain areas. It offers durability against the elements, plus an attractive aesthetic that works well with a surprisingly broad variety of building materials and architectural styles to lend a sense of old-world sophistication to a home or business building. If you’re looking to replace your roof in the near future, and this is something that other home or business owners in your area have done, you might want to consider giving clay roofing tiles a look.
  • Tips & Tricks: From the perspective of someone who’s looking to have some work done, find out exactly how phony contractors might try to overplay their knowledge and experience. Learn about basic roofing safety, and about red flags to hone in on if your contractor’s methods don’t incorporate basic countermeasures; the last thing you want is an unscrupulous contract falling off of your roof and being injured in the process. Learn how to cut a few corners and improve the efficiency of your roofing work, without sacrificing quality or durability.